Thursday, November 3, 2016

Housing on campus

Hey Guys today I will be showing you around campus!

One of the greatest decision I've made was to live on campus. the perks about living on campus is that is right in the university. I get to wake up five minutes before my class and still make it on time. I can go to the library as much as I want because is just across from where I live. Its very easy to know what's going on around campus because most of the times you will see announcements on the halls about the events on campus. Living on campus makes it easier for you to make new friends. They have hall events just for the residents, and there is usually food involve! I get to have a private room if I want, and also I only share my bathroom with my other two roommates.

Some of the cool features that we get just by living on campus is that we get free Wi-Fi, we can wash our clothes for free, and we only have to bring our soap. we have cable for the TV's, and we also a launch were people hang out, here you can find a big plasma TV for the use of the residents, and also ping pong tables, pool tables and other.

We have single housing and also family housing. Some of the family housing on campus are Richards hall, Bullen hall, Snow hall, Merill hall, LLC hall, aggie village and others. All of them with different features and different prices, to fit the necessity of every student.

It has been proven that students that live on campus:
1- Get better grade
2- Take more credits
3- Have a low drop out rate
4- have more Fun !

To look at housing pricing and pictures of the amenities click on the link below:

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