Tuesday, November 1, 2016

International Student Council

At USU, aside from the International Ambassadors, we also have the International Student Council(ISC.) "International Student Council is a student organization that is made up of student representatives from different countries at Utah State University. The main purpose of ISC is to unite all the international students at USU, provide services for them, and promote cultural diversity, interests and welfare of International Students.Through multicultural events and specific academic/co-curricular issues, the ISC provides international awareness- reinforcing global education to all students." Basically, the ISC is on campus to support international students. They put up events like: International Banquet, Mr and Miss International, Ski trips, camping trips, Global Picnic, and many others. Some pictures of the events: 

Mr & Miss International 2015

Wind Caves Hike

Global Picnic

You can also join the ISC as a chairperson. To be part of the ISC a student must run for the position, have a platform, and win the elections. Being in the ISC is always fun, because I get to have fun while learning leadership skills.
If you would like to know more about the ISC here is their website:

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