Living on campus

Hi, today I am going to talk about living on campus.
Utah state is a university that have a high rate of students that are living away from home. It goes up to approximately 84% which is pretty high. If you decided to come to Utah State, housing is one of the most importatnt factor that you have to decide. And 30% of the 17,000students on campus actually live on campus
And for myself, I am one of those students that live away from home and lived on campus until now. There are so many options of housing that you can choose from. All sorts of housings are out there for you and you just have to choose from those choices before they get all full. There are housing that you share same living room, bathroom, and a kitchen with other 5 roomates ( Reeder, Greaves hall ...etc ). And also big tower with many rooms where you have to share bathroom, kitchen and other facilities with the entire floor ( Mountain View Tower, Richards Hall, Valley View Tower..etc ). There are some good and bad about each housing options depending on your life style. For myself, I do not really cook and prefer quite surroundings so I chose Mountain View tower private room. But you have to keep in mind that you have to buy certain meal plans for mandetory to use at school. But you will get free of it if you live on campus for a year.
And there are RAs ( resident assistant ) designated to every rooms that can help you out in emergency situations such as lockouts or facility inconveniences. Compared to off campus places, it is also cheaper and much safer. Also, you will get more options and opportunities to get involved in college activities.
Save expenses and get involved !!


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