Thanks giving break is coming

  Hi, how are you guys doing. The fall semester is passing by and all the mid term exams are getting done. Got tired of all the test, exams but there is a thanks giving break that we can take some rest! I know it is just few weeks away from final week, but still we have to take some rest. It is a break!
It is from Thursday to Sunday, which is not that short. There are many students that leave for trips and going back home. Many use this time for families to get together, enjoy their meals and get tighter on relationships. In Korea we have thanks giving around September. It is pretty much the same. We gather with family members and enjoy nice meal together. But right now I am here in Utah and cannot go back home ( South Korea, too far away).  Last year, I went to my friend's house for nice meal and had a lot of fun with his family. And for rest of the days, went down to Park City for black Friday shopping. As I look around many of my international friends, they tend to have events from their country's international council or go over friend's family house and enjoy the time.
For me this year, I am thinking of just going on a short camping around Logan and get myself ready for the final that will come in few weeks. There are so many nice camping areas around campus.


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