Heeeelllooooo everyone! How are you guys??
Well I am doing very good so far!!! This weekend was the best weekend ever because it was Thanksgiving break and my mom came from Mexico to visit me :)))). The majority of my friends stayed while others left to their homes. My mom arrived on a Tuesday night, I picked her up from the airport and came back to Logan. On Wednesday, I gave her a tour (basically showing off my ambassador skills) and she loved USU. She also tried our famous Aggie ice cream and she fell in love.
On Wednesday night, there was this "thanksgiving gathering/dinner" that my boyfriend organized. We made a group chat on whatsapp and we all talked certain foods we were willing to make, etc. I had so much fun because I was with my friends but my mother was also there <3. After, I took my mom shopping to some of the stores in Logan and we found a lot of stuff (clothes, shoes, etc)

So on Thursday, I had a reservation at a restaurant called "Texas de Brazil" in SLC and it was AMAZING. The restaurant was serving basic Thanksgiving dinner, salad bar, and MEAT!!!! I really love that restaurant because the food was delicious and the service was amazing as well.

During Black Friday my mom and I went to City Creek Mall in SLC and bought sooooo many clothes ;) There was a lot of good deals at the mall and honestly I was not expecting the deals to be as good as they were. At some stores, the normal price for a shirt was $35 or $20 but during Black Friday the shirts were around $10 and some of them even $5.

On Saturday we woke up early and drove to Park City because we were still shopping for clothes ;) but this time the clothes were for my father and my brother. We had so much fun in Park City!!! My mom and I got lost somehow... but ended up at this hiking trail and instead of hiking we just walked around for a while and took pictures on the snow. My mom had never seen the snow (because it does not snow in Mexico) and ever since she was young, she always dreamed of seeing the snow, laying down and making a snow angel. Sadly there was not enough snow for her to make a snow angel but she did lay down and loved it.

Sunday :( was time to go back to reality. My mom had to go back home because she had work on Monday morning. I was feeling very upset and sad because I did not want to leave her but I knew that in about two weeks I was going to see her again.

Below are some images that I hope you all enjoy :)


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