HOLA <3 How is everyone???? We are almost done with the semester and I just can't wait to go home. I am going crazy because finals week is next week and I feel kind of ready. Guys, I have the worst luck ever... a week before finals I get sick and if you guys know... it sucks to be sick while studying for exams. I have been feeling better but still..... I just wish I was fully good and healthy so that I could have more energy to study and concentrate.

I have 5 finals... but the good thing is that three of them are essays and the other two are normal exams. I am not so worried about the essays because I am almost done with them... but the one final exam that I am worried about the most is Business Stats. If you guys are religious... you guys should pray for me because I will need everyones prayers.

Anyways, I've noticed that I am getting sick and its because the weather is changing really randomly. It could be rainy today and within hours it could be snowing. I got sick because the weather here changes very constantly but I have learned to always carry one or two coats with me.

Below are some pictures of Logan Campus and snow :)


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