Sunday, January 31, 2016

An Ambassador Experience

One of many opportunities at USU is to become an ambassador. As an ambassador, not only are you given a scholarship, you also experience what it's like to obtain an education rather than to simply grind through college for a degree. This past Friday I had the pleasure of driving down to Wasatch Academy, an international high school in central Utah and share some of my experiences as an international Aggie. Recall a few years ago, I was no different than the high school students in the picture; a little ambitious about where to study for college, kind of nervous, and admittedly a little confused as well. That's where I (on the very left), as an ambassador, step in to share some of my experiences when I had to make hard choices, sacrifices, and more importantly how I make the most out of my time at college. To represent myself, my university, and my country is surely a rewarding experience and one to be proud of. Undoubtedly, my presence along with our famous Aggie ice cream flattered these students as witnessed by the smiles on their faces. Who knows, they could be the next Aggies because of us and what we do - to change lives.

Friday, January 29, 2016

Favorite Hangout in Logan, UT

Here at Utah State University, it is important to spend time on your studies. However, school and education will not be your one and only responsibility. Students also have time to spend with friends and do whatever they like.

I like to spend my free time checking out local cafes and restaurants with my dear ones or close friends. Fortunately enough, there is a great local cafe/crepery that satisfies my expectations.

The Crepery 

My personal favorite is their Nutie Fruity. It is a great combination of strawberries and Nutella. Every time I overcome some sort of a challenge such as a hard test or lengthy project, I make sure to treat myself with a Nutie Fruity and a cup of good coffee.

It is also a great place to study, write a paper or even to go on a date. It has a great back patio that has a great view to Logan River. For all of you Instagrammers and Pinteresters  out there, this is an incredible place to take impressive pictures. Make sure to check it out!

Here is a quick video. Check it out!

Brought to you by Areg Haytayan from Armenia

Tuesday, January 26, 2016

what I love the most about Logan

Logan is one of the most beautiful places I've live in my entire life. I love the scenery and that there is a lot to do around this town. For students that love out door activities our school is located five minutes away from The first dam where you can go fishing in the summer. We have the wind caves just ten minutes away from campus where most of the students go to hike, bike and do bond fires. We also have the beaver mountains just thirty minutes away where few resorts are located and you can go skiing and snowboarding there for a very affordable price.  

For those students that preferred indoor activities we have bowling at the Logan lanes and at the fun park. Personally my favorite one is the fun park because is a glow in the dark bowling alley, and right there you also can go play laser tag , there are others machine games that you can play with coins that you can purchase there, there is a roller skate ring where they have 80's night on Tuesdays, they also have a and a food court. The best part of this is that you can purchase a great deal at the entrance where you can do multiple of this things for cheap. Sometimes they also have coupons with deals for two people.  
 we also have a thons of restaurants that you can go to, one of my favorite ones is Angie's where the locals eat because besides that the food is great they also have a tradition where you go with your friends or families, and you can do what they call "clear the sink" which is just eating ice cream of a sink, but it is thrust me is not just any sink, it is a sink specially made for that, so don't be scare of trying it out. I also loved HuHot which is a Mongolian grill where you pick what you want to eat and then they cook it right in front of you. If you want to know more about the area around campus just go to this page here you will be able to find other things that you can do around Logan, and you can also find good deals on this activities.

Monday, January 25, 2016

I love Logan!

It's just great to be back to school after such a long break. Don't get me wrong, I think breaks are great. They give you a time to catch a breather and to relax. And most importantly, they give you a chance to prepare for a new semester. 
Since it's the winter season, everything looks super pretty with the snow. It just gives you a chance to admire the scenery. This semester, I get to take a skiing class for the first time. I'm so excited! USU is located a 30-40 minute drive from Beaver Mountain. That's really near for a ski resort. As an international student, i never thought that I would get the chance to try something so new to me. It is affordable and a great activity to do with friends. If you and your friends don't know how to ski or snowboard, sign up for a class! 
Being in Cache Valley definitely gives you a sense that you're in this magical land away from the rest of the world. With a great school and amazing friends, I couldn't ask for more.

Go Aggies!

Friday, January 22, 2016

Why Logan, UT? My Favorite Things About This Place!

Why Logan, UT? My Favorite Things About This Place! 
Areg Haytayan

Logan, UT. Many of you out there in the world might have no idea where this city is. Now, when you attempt to Google Logan as a keyword, don't be surprised if Logan International Airport would be the first result on your browser. 

Logan city is a hidden treasure in beautiful Cache Valley, a scenic valley in Northern Utah. This place accommodates people from any culture and Utah State University embraces diverse backgrounds, cultures, and religions. 

Salt Lake City, UT

As far as its geographic location, Logan city is only 1.5 hours away from Salt Lake City, the capital of the state of Utah. Fairly short proximity to the capital allows students to frequently visit Salt Lake City and experience a bigger and more dynamic city.

Beaver Mountain, UT

For those of you out there who like winter sport, Beaver Mountain Resort, which is an affordable resort for winter sports is only 45 minutes away from USU Logan Campus.

This was some information about things to do around Logan. Now some more information about what Logan offers to its visitors:

Logan City Offers Free Transportation!

This is a huge advantage, because not many cities in the world offer something this exclusive. The transportation links and networks cover most of the city and you can get around with spending $0.

For those of you out there that would like to see what Logan, UT and Utah State University looks like, here is a quick sneak peak for you.


Thursday, January 21, 2016

Winter is back and so is Skiing

School is back and winter is here. What best to do than to spend time on the mountains that are covered with a fluffy layer of fresh snow with your legs mounted to one of man's greatest inventions - skis! We all find ways to de-stress, as for me, I love the feel of cool breeze through my hair and the thrill of effortless speed down the mountains. The following picture was taken with some of my close buddies at a local ski resort located on Beaver Mountain just 30 minute drive through the beautiful Logan canyon from campus. I am also taking a ski class this semester just to dedicate a few hours of the week to myself and forget about the textbooks and assignments. Yes, you can take a ski class (just for fun) and it counts for credits. Better yet, it's for a really good deal simply because you are a student!

Tuesday, January 19, 2016

My USU fav5

My favorite five things about USU are:

  1. The campus is located in beautiful Cache Valley. No matter what season we are in; it is always beautiful on campus.
  2. Every building is just five minutes away from each other, so you can always get on time to class. Not only this, but if you live on campus is very easy to get to class fast. For example: I live in Richards hall and it only takes me ten minutes to get to class, and sometimes even five minutes if my class is in a closer building.  
  3. I Love living on campus because it has so many pros like:
  •  You get all utilities, cable TV, and wireless internet access included on you housing payment. The facilities are equipped with laundry room and you can do laundry for free! Some of the facilities also have exercise machines, so you don't have to go to the gym in the cool weather (exclusively for lazy people because the gym; if you walk from the dorms; is just five minutes away).
  • The parking lot for each hall is just right next to each other, so you don't have to park far away and then walk to your dorm.
  • We have monthly activities that our residential assistant prepare for us which usually involves food, movies, or games.
  • It is always easy and safe to walk home after a late night study session in the library. I'm the kind of person that the librarian has to kick out when they are about to close usually at midnight and I feel really safe walking back home. I've been on campus for three years, and my first year I got a pepper spray and I've never used it.
  • I'm always one of the first people to know what's going on around campus.
     4. Professor are always welling to help. They have office hour that you could go to if you need help with anything, but could also set up appointments if you can make it at any of those times. The majority of professor on campus records the lectures and post them on canvas so you could back later and watch the lecture again, or just in case if you miss class you don't miss the materials. Some of the professors also have undergraduate students teaching SI (Supplemental instruction), so if you didn't understand the material in class you can go to this SI and get more explanation about the materials.  I love that professors really care about the students.
     5. I'm fascinated by how much the students support sports on campus. Literally everyone goes to the games, so if you miss a game you better watch the news or read the news paper because everyone will be talking about the game the next day.

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