Monday, February 29, 2016

Areito - Celebrating Dominican Republic Independence Day

This week, we join the Dominican Student Association (DSA) on campus to celebrate their 172nd Independence as they bled and fought for their freedom and faith. Standing in the picture is former Miss International - Francia Solis, representing the Dominican Republic (DR). Her speech coursed through every audience's heart as she articulates to why she is proudly Dominican; and she has every reason to. From historic background we transitioned into, as always, delicious food, performances, and best of all, a dance party at the end. Nothing beats a Latin party dancing to Bachata, Salsa, and Merengue. We are proud of our Dominican students and their culture and heritage. Happy Independence day DR!

Tuesday, February 23, 2016

Application & Scholarships

So now I just want to say....Why not Utah state?
After all my post and everything we write for all of you, friends, I doubt that you haven't fall in love with this place.  I've already tell you all my experience here so far, and I cant wait to see what others great things I will accomplish. your turn to see what great things you could accomplish here at Utah State University, but for that you first have to apply!
Appling to Utah State is the easiest processes I've seen. To apply you just need to go to here you will be able to create a new account or follow up with you process if you are not done with it. Here there will be a couple of form that you will have to fill out and then you will be good to go.

If you want to apply for scholarships you can go to  click on the form of the scholarships that interest you the most and fill it out! then you are done! AS EASY AS TAKING A FANTA!! like my friend from Nigeria says.

Ps: Remember that we also offer departmental scholarships, but this one will be available to you after you apply for an specific program (the major that you choose, for example: Biochemistry).

BEST OF LUCK TO YOU ALL! Remember don't wait to apply. APPLY NOW!! and be and AGGIE!!

Go Aggies!!!

What about RELIGION?

Well if you are wondering about what religions we have around Logan, today I  will be talking about that. If you are like me, and was worry about not being able to go to church because all you thought they had was Mormon church. Then let me tell you that you are wrong! I am Catholic and when  I was coming to school my first thought was that they were not going to be a catholic church around. At the beginning when I was trying to find a church over the internet it was really hard to find one, but asking around I found a catholic church five minutes away from campus. This was an aha! moment, but also a why didn't I know that and most important why didn't goggle tell me that. Know I go to church every Sunday with my friend Lucinda .

If you are not Catholic like me don't worry because we have pretty much all religions around campus, and the best part no one judges you if you are not from the same religion as them. Most of my friends are all from different religion and I got some that don't believe in anything at all. Here you wont be discriminated because your believes are different. Actually some of my friends that are Mormons want to go to my church just to see how it is, and I've been to some of my friends churches too.

Here are some of the religions and churches that we have around campus:

Saint Thomas Aquinas Catholic Parish - 725S 250E Hyde Park, UT 94065
LDS Mormon Church - 175 North 300 East, Logan, UT 84321 (and many others)
First Presbyterian Church- 12S 200 W, Logan, UT 84321
Baha'i Faith- 895 N 200 W, Logan, UT 84321
Cache Valley Bible Church - 1488 N 200 W, Logan
Cache Valley Sangha (Buddhism) - 596 E 900 N, UT
Sri Ganesha Hindu Temple - 1142 W, South Jordan Parkway, South Jordan, UT

 Go Aggies!!

Sunday, February 21, 2016

Soul Food Dinner

This week, we join the Black Student Union (BSU) to celebrate diversity through Soul Food Dinner. This is an annual event hosted by BSU to remember and acknowledge the African roots that form part of diversity at USU. What better to do than to spend a Friday evening with friends at a dinner table and enjoying a great show. With representatives from countries like Somalia, Ethiopia, Eritrea, Sudan and many more, we were flattered by their dance, music, fashion, and of course, the food. BSU has once again stomped the stage and never ceased to impress their audience. Great job BSU!

Thursday, February 18, 2016

USU will always be a big part of my life

I am and will forever be grateful for the ample opportunities that Utah State University has provided me to excel not only in academics but in other aspects like leadership, service and involvement. I can’t emphasis enough how fortunate I am to have had scholarship throughout my 4 years in college. If you are an international student you know how important SCHOLARSHIP is. TRUE! USU doesn’t offer full scholarship for international students, however I was able to find other ways to get financial aid once I came to college simply by getting involved in clubs and organisations and holding leadership positions. I am not going to lie, being a full time student,working and fulfilling your leadership roles, can keep you busy and on your toes at all times. However, doing all that has helped me get out of my comfort zone and be confident. This is my last year and looking back, I know that my handwork has paid off.  

I would say USU is my favorite place simply because it’s the place where I learned and grew personally and professionally. Thanks to my mentors and friends at USU, I can say that I have made improvements in my personal life that is allowing me to become a better learner and a better version of myself.

Over all, I believe that USU has great faculty that is always willing to go above and beyond for you (the student) to succeed in everything that you do in and out of class. My professors have challenged me to achieve my full potential and to find the right direction in my career path. If you are seeking to become a better learner and a well rounded individual, I say you will love USU. 

Friday, February 12, 2016

Culture in Logan

Logan is a great small town in Northern Utah. Most of the cultural events and activities are usually associated with Utah State University, since that is where you can find the largest young students population and concentration. Overall, Logan is a very safe place to live, and in fact it has been recognized to be the second safest college town in the U.S.

The Main Street is the second go-to place to find or do anything fun in town. This is where you will find most of the restaurants, cafes, and fun parks. Even if you are having hard time deciding where you would like to go, once you get to Logan downtown, you will always find something to do.
Cafe Ibis
Logan Lanes - Bowling
Indian Oven

Brought to you by Areg Haytayan from Armenia

Thursday, February 11, 2016

Happy Lunar New Year!

Happy new year! According to the lunar calendar, we are officially in the year of the monkey. 2016 will be a year of great energy, intelligence, charisma, and of course playfulness as these portray the personalities of the monkey. As an international student, it's not practical to go home for new year (although that's the norm in countries like China), so the Chinese Student and Scholars Association at USU brought home to us. A fun filled new year gala amused the crowd with great food, entertainment, and awesome prizes. This was a great way to share Chinese culture with the diverse audience. Through fun, we learn and embrace  diversity at USU because we believe an education also exist beyond the classrooms, on stages and social settings like this. So, I wish everyone 'xin nian kuai le!' (happy new year in Chinese Mandarin).

Thursday, February 4, 2016

Proudly International

The International office will become one of your best friend at USU. This week, they generously put an 'International Study Break' social for all international students on campus. As you can see from the picture, a multitude of culture, language, and interests swarmed the room. Of course, a good event is accompanied by 12 foot long sandwiches to fill our ambitious taste buds - best part, it was all free! It feels warm and united when we acknowledge that the faculty and staff at USU care about us and perform their best to cater to our needs. They not only accomplish this by words but through action and effort. We thank them for their consideration and we look forward for many more to come throughout the year. Go International Aggies!

Tuesday, February 2, 2016

A day in the life of Kate the great

Hey everyone! Today I will be talking about my everyday life in Logan! If you guys are wondering where my title came from... well it came from my advisor Ben ( he loves to call me Kate the great), but that's an other story. Lets focus on my wonderful day! Well my day starts at Richards Hall in my beautiful little apartment. I wake up usually at nine thirty, get ready, and have breakfast (the most important meal of the day). After I grab my big white coat, I walk to Microbiology class. Since I'm right on campus it only takes me five minutes to get to my class, after class I go to my lab which is right upstairs in the same building ( This is my favorite part of the day because I get to work with bacteria which is just a small part of the things that I like to work with). After lab I go to the TSC (student center) where I always go to get lunch at the Marketplace the cafeteria.

By this time is already three in the afternoon, so I go to my office hour where I usually write this blog. It is so weird because I'm writing the blog right now, but it will be later when you guys read it! Anyways, after I'm done writing great stories for you my beautiful peeps I go to the physics tutoring lab to do homework and to study for my test because they have the book, the solution manuals, and tutors to help me out if I don't understand. After this I go to the library to do any other homework I have. If I have time after I go to the Aggie Recreation Center to exercise. Finally I go home Make dinner, and watch some T.V with my boyfriend.  Days can vary depending on my schedule, but this is my typical Tuesday schedule.

To know more about myself keep reading my posts!!