Sunday, October 30, 2016


HOLAAAAAAAAAA FRIENDS!!!! How are you all? I am doing pretty good... but a little sad because tomorrow I have school again. I don't know if its just me.. but the weekend goes by so fast and the week days go by really slow. Anyways, this weekend was so much fun because there were a lot of things going on, on and off campus. For instance, have you guys heard of "The Howl"??? The Howl is one of the biggest Halloween events at USU. It usually starts around 8:00 PM and gets done around 1:30 AM. Usually the tickets are around $10-15 dollars (for students) and $20-$25 for non-students. This year the tickets got sold out early!!! So I was unable to get my ticket but a lot of my friends did go to The Howl.

Before I continue, I want to ask you all... how much would you pay for a ticket that usually costs around $10-15???? Because this is the biggest event at USU, tickets get sold out pretty fast so its harder to get a ticket once they have sold out... but people that for some reason can't go to and have a ticket sell, take that opportunity and sell their tickets for a higher price. I was trying to purchase a ticket (from other students) and they were selling their tickets for $40, $50, $80 and even $100!!!!!!! Can you all believe that!!!!! A lot of people get crazy during this even and they buy the $80 ticket because they want to have fun... crazy right???? I was bummed that I couldn't go to The Howl but I was not going to buy a $50 ticket just for one night.

 The friends that I told you about earlier that were able to go to this event said that they had a lot of fun. There was good music, shows and a lot of good costumes. My friends were going as Native Americans, skeletons, Hercules, Pinocchio, Peter Pan, penguin, monkey, etc.

Wednesday, October 26, 2016

Greek Life

What is Greek Life? Being "Greek" is another way to be involved at an University. Greeks are a group of individuals that get together to support student success, foster leadership skills and enhance the USU student experience. The Greek Life community at Utah State University consists of five fraternities, three sororities and alumni who value character, leadership, friendship, scholarship and service. 
Kappa Delta Sorority at USU
Pi Kappa Alpha Fraternity in front of their house on campus
To join these communities, you have to rush for them, which is participating in a week where the current Greek members interact with prospective members. Why would you rush? They have fun while providing service for the local community through their philanthropy. Some examples are:  Delta Sigma Phi participates in the annual Relay event at Utah State University. Working as a chapter to raise as much money as possible to support the American Cancer Society. Other example is the Alpha Chi Omega Sorority supports the cause against domestic violence. Four of these fraternities and sororities have their own house on campus, which means you can live with your best friends in this huge house on campus!

So either you want to find new friends, have fun, and/or provide service, Greek Life is right for you!
If you want more information, here is a link about USU Greek Life:

Tuesday, October 25, 2016

USU Eastern

Utah State University has 33 campuses and sites in Utah, so USU students can get an education wherever they want. Here is map of USU campuses across Utah:

Logan, up North, is the main campus and along with Price and Blanding, it is a residential campus. Most of the smaller campus' classes are broadcasted which means the site where the professor is have a state of the art broadcast system, with cameras that follow the professor around and table-top microphones for the students to ask questions. USU Online ranks #13 in the Nation (U.S. News & Worlds Report, 2015.)

Last weekend in Price (USU Eastern), they had a huge bash for students, the lite brite tradition. Lite Brite is one of the biggest traditions here at Eastern! It's a dance where florescent paint falls from the sky and you can feel the music. 

Monday, October 24, 2016


Helloooooo guys! It's me Andrea from the block again <3

How are you all? I hope that all of you guys had a good weekend because I definitely did!!!! This weekend we had our Fall Break, which is basically one day off from school. WOHOO!! I noticed that every time Fall Break approaches most of the teachers just cancel their classes because they know that the majority of their students are not going to show up. This is really funny because during the Spanish class that I am a TA for, 5 minutes before the class ended, the teacher asked all of his students... "Guys, I want you all to be honest with me and tell me who is thinking of showing up next class. It's ok if none of you show up because I can just cancel class". No one raised their hand and so the teacher decided to cancel class. I was so happy because it was an 8:30 AM class and seriously guys..... you all know me by know... I love to sleep so I was so happy that I had the chance to sleep for a little longer.

My weekend was not that exciting... I was sleeping the whole break. Seriously. Once you guys go to college you guys will be very busy. I am not trying to scare you all but you really get very busy. In order for me to have everything set up, appointments scheduled and my thoughts written down... I use a little red book that goes with me everywhere. It is basically like putting my appointments down on my iPhone but the thing is... I always loose my phone or drop it... and it won't work.... and with my book, I always have it in my backpack, clean and ready to be used. I would like to give you all an advice once you go to college..... You will for sure get very busy and in order to get your "college life" together I would recommend for all of you to get a planner book or just a normal book so you can write down all of the things that you have to do.

**3 more things about me:

1. I can sing ( but I am too shy to do it in front of people )
2. I always wear my Birkenstocks... (sandals)
3. I love Dominos Chocolate Lava Cakes <3 <3 <3 <3 <3 <3

Thursday, October 20, 2016

USU Eastern Lite Brite

USU eastern is one of the Utah State campuses located in price, Utah. Many don't know much about this place because is just staring to grow as became part of Utah State not long ago. Price was the first Utah State campus that I ever went to. I was there for a year and one semester and after I transfer to the main campus up here in Logan. It was definitely a great experience because I had the opportunity to go to a smaller campus where I made lots of friends and met my fiancee . My favorite part about campus was how close to home it felt. The people from price are very warm and welcoming, the teachers are truly there for you and they care about your education because they know you very well since the class size is fairly small. I love the Logan campus, but price will always be my first home. 

There is something that people that go to the Eastern campus like to say: "you cry once you come to price, and you cry twice as hard when you leave" I never though that this could be true until I had to go, and leave everything behind. Know I just have the good memories form when I was there. 

Now that I have introduce the campus, I can talk about the "Lite Brite Dance" event. Last Friday me and a couple of friends from he Logan campus when to price for the Lite Brite dance. We left at about ten thirty a.m from here and got there about two fifteen p.m, it is about three hours drive, but of course we stop to eat on our way there. Props to my friends for introducing me to Chick-fill-A which is a fast food chicken restaurant here in Utah.  The first thing we did when we got there was to visit the cosmetology department, where we got pampered by everyone, and got our hair and nails done. I got to get a pedicure and it was so well done. The facility was so nice, clean, and organize. It was a place where I could relax, and spend a great time with my friends. They all got manicures, hair treatment, and others. The people in-charge where very nice to us and very attentive. they made sure we have snacks while we were there, and at the end we got party favors. 

Later in the day my friends when to the Price Museum, and got a tour of the campus while I had to stay and take a test online. For those of you still wondering, yes, they have a museum.  Later that night we went to wingers one of my favorite restaurants in price. After we got ready to go to the dance! We all wore whit because the hole purpose of the dance is to get sprinkle with neon bright paint. They have an amazing DJ that plays really good music all night long, Sprinklers spraying neon paint from the ceiling to the tune of the music. At the end of the night we got some towels provided by the school to dry up and just came back home. It was so much fun to go back to price and be part of the event just like I did the years before.

Monday, October 17, 2016

Desert Night

Last week was our diversity week, here at Utah State.  My favorite activity of the week is usually desert night which is a night where all the diversity clubs at the school  prepare for us delicious deserts from around the globe. The event was held at the ballroom which is a pretty big room, and it was about full. This year we have clubs like the Dominican Student Association, Indian Student Association, Black Student Union, Latino Student Union, an others participate in the event. Some of the deserts that you could find at the desert night were Churros a typical desert from mexico, Bread pudding a typical plate from the Dominican Republic, Banana pudding typical of the African-American culture, and others. 

Besides all the delicious food, we also had amazing performances from the different club, most of them danced other sang, or play the instrument. Each performance was full of energy and  charisma. I'm very sure that everyone who came to watch the show had an amazing time, and those that did probably wish they had.  

Go Aggies!!

International High School Visit

Hi, it almost reached half of the semister since school started and there are so much going on in the university. There are so many things to talk about, but today I will talk about the first high school visit that I had. It was AISU  (American International School of Utah ) down at Murray. At first, it was really confusing and did not know what my role over there is because it was my first time. The school looked kind of unique when I first saw it. It was a large hall looking space with studying areas in the middle. They said that it was a type of arcade center at first but changed to school. The class that we were assigned to was a small class of 15 international students. When we first went in, the kids looked at us as if they had no clue why we came there. But we started to do our presentation and they participated pretty well. We got some questions and feedbacks and it was a really good opportunity to introduce throughly about Utah State. We sucessfully ended our presentation and after that I met a Korean girl had a lot of questions about Utah State. She did not talk during class but after that, she asked all of her questions afterwords in Korean to me. She was wondering about the Vet program in Utah State and tried to apply for it. But did not really know the way for it. It was a great pleasure to introduce our school to others, but it was a greater pressure to help someone in United States in Korean. Felt great that I could really help someone out and provide information about my school.

Sunday, October 16, 2016


Holaaaaa! It's me Andrea from the block again! I hope everyone had a good weekend because I definitely did!!! Guys, I think that I am a koala... I could sleep for many hours non-stop and even if I wake up it is so easily for me to go back to sleep. SKILLS RIGHT? Anyways I wanted to talk to you guys about what I did this week. This past week was "DIVERSITY WEEK". So what exactly does that mean?? There was a lot of activities through out the week that were so much fun. Some of the activities were; Talent Show, International Dessert Night, Diversity Dance Party, etc.
I am a part of the International Student Council as a member of the President's Subcommittee Council. They needed dancers to perform during this week.. and everyone knows that I am the best dancer out there in the world so of course I had to participate so everyone could see my skills. JK, I am not a great dancer but I decided to step out of my comfort zone and do something different that I have never done before at USU.

I had so much fun!!!! I would definitely participate again :) ... below are some pictures... and also a video of our dance :) I hope you guys enjoy it!!!!


***3 more things about me:
1. I am a fast typer. 
2. I am very good with Spanish grammar. 
3. Spirit Animal ... Zebra, koala, bear :) 

Tuesday, October 11, 2016

Enjoying outdoors at USU

Hi all, I will be sharing some outdoor experiences that I have enjoyed attending USU!

Utah is actually so well advanced in nature that there are so many outdoor activities that you can enjoy. But unfortunately I am not really a wild life prefered person that there are som limits in my activities. Still, there are so many things to do for me and there were so much that I enjoyed.
Among many of the outdoor life here, I believe that skiing is one of the best. The snow is so nice over here and there are so many places to ski not far from USU. And also, the price is not really a burden that I get to enjoy it frenquently. When I was back in Korea, ski resorts were all far from Seoul and cost was pretty demending that I did not really have many chances to enjoy it, even though I loved it. But here in Utah it is cheap, close and even better that there is no reason to not enjoy it.
I usually rent ski from school or other places, hop it into my friends truck and go for it.
The other outdoor place that I really like is first and second dam. These are dams on the way to Bear Lake. It is only 5 minutese from school to the first dam and about 15 minutes to second dam. It has got great lake in the middle and places to barbeque right around it. The first dam is the best place to hold barbeque with a lot of people. It has large sitting place and quite surrounding. So Korean Student Council  hold a big barbeque over there to greet new students every year. Even if you are not having a barbeque, it is really great to just walk around seeing the view and relax. I sometimes drive down to second dam with my friends to get the stress out during exam weeks. Feels peaceful and calm over there. Love both places !

Aircraft Maintenance at USU

Hi all, I will talk about a academic program at Utah State University.

Utah State provides many academic opportunities to students. There are so many that I want to introduce. But today I am going to introduce about the 'aircraft maintenance' program which I am majoring in right now. I have started the program last year and it has been year and a half since I started it. Most of our classes are held on campus at  Technology building where it has all the planes and laboratory materials that students can work on. The lab fee and everything is included in the tuition fee, so we do not have to worry about it. But there are sometimes certain tools or other materials that you might have to get for yourself.

Sometimes there are times that we go to Logan airport for other works that are limited on campus. We get to practice on bigger, new planes that we did not have chance to work on. And one of the best experience that I had over at airport was the helicopter ride that we had. I have gone on many fixed wing airplanes, but it was my first time to have experience on a helicopter. It was really new and got to feel a different aspect that not all flying objects(?) are same.

Other than that, there are still a lot more nice and meaningful activities that you can enjoy! If you are interested in aircrafts, it is a great opportunity to study maintenance program at USU.


I know I mentioned hackUState last post, but this is a full post about because I just loved it so much. For starters this was the schedule:

Friday, October 7th
9:00am - Registration
10:30am - Opening Ceremony
1:00pm - Lunch
6:00pm - Dinner
9:00pm - Mini-Event
12:00am - Aggie Ice Cream
Saturday, October 8th
8:00am - Breakfast
9:00am - Workshop
11:00am - Mini-Event
1:00pm - Lunch
6:00pm - Dinner
8:00pm - Closing Ceremony

HackUState in one picture

I got there on Friday at 10:30AM, and went home on Saturday 9:30PM. Basically, it was 36 hours of programming, free food, free swag, new friends, games, and video games.
The hackathon was sponsored by Major League Hacking, so it had a bunch of companies sponsoring and giving out prizes. MLH also has a hardware lab in every hackathon, at their booth you can check out Alienware computers, Oculus Rifts, Arduinos, and many other cool hardware.
Through the night there are mini games, like cup staking, code in the dark, and trying to break into fake websites MLH made. For the cup staking I won, and got a $60 gift card to Amazon. The companies also give out a bunch of swag like T-shirts, silly putty, universal chargers, and many other prizes.
Apart from all the fun, there is also competition for the best "hack." At 6:00PM the judges started walking around seeing the project from over 200 students, as they came to my table I had to demo my project and explain what I did.

This was me demoing my "Light a Trip" project. I used one of the company's API, an Arduino UNO, and bananas for the stand! After the judges see everyone's project, the organizers start the closing ceremony. At the closing ceremony they give out more raffle prizes, and announce the top 3 "hackers" to come on stage and demonstrate their project to everyone.

woot woot! Top three!!
  I came on stage and explained my project to everyone, I don't remember much because by then I had been awake for almost 40 hours! For the finalists they had a bunch of awesome prizes, including an HP laptop, $1000, pebble watch, a sphero, and other things. I ended up getting second place, and when they called me on stage I was so surprise/tired that my friends had to tell me, "it's you, go!!" until I realized they called my name...haha

I walked away from the hackathon with a pebble watch, 2nd place medal, and a smile!
Comment below if you want more information about the hackUState or my project!
Keep hacking everyone!!

Sunday, October 9, 2016


Hola!!! It's me Andrea, back at it again with the blog. I hope everyone had a good weekend so far because I did. I wanted to tell you guys a little bit about some of the restaurants that we have available here in Logan!!! Because we are in Logan, Utah, home of the Utah State Aggies, as students we get some discounts by showing our student ID card. YES! Isn't that amazing????
Some of the restaurants that I know will give discounts to students are: IHOP, Angies, McDonald's, Texas Roadhouse and Pizza Pie Cafe. I am sure there are a lot more but I don't know and I don't want to give you all false information.

Also, I wanted to tell you guys what I did yesterday! (Saturday). Yesterday we took our Ambassador pictures and I am sure we all looked really good. We all had to meet at 9:00 AM and got done around 9:45. I thought that it was going to take us longer because all of the ambassadors, even from Eastern Campus had to be here for the photoshoot. I had a lot of fun because I got to see a lot of the ambassadors from Eastern and catch up with them. After our photoshoot we played football tag.. I think thats what is called ... I didn't play because I am not very good at catching or throwing (HAHA) but I had a lot of fun because I was babysitting some kids while watching other teams play :)

this is where we played football tag

After our photoshoot, I asked Kate to take some "professional" pictures of me, and this is my result.

*** 3 more things about me:

1. October 11th, will be one year with my boyfriend <3.
2. I hate feet. DON'T TOUCH MY FEET 

Thursday, October 6, 2016

The Aggie Tradition

Becoming a "TRUE AGGIE" at Utah State University is a tradition that has been around for a really long time. 

It started back in the 1960's when two students that came from Salt lake city, who were never allow to have a club back in their high school, created a club name the "Be No Club." To be part of the club a young man had to take a willing young lady to the top of the old main tower, and kiss her at mid-night in a full moon. The club got so popular as the years pass that the fire department worry that it could become a fire-hazard. The school to avoid the danger that this could cost, decided to  constructed an "A" at the front of old main building for this purpose. Now it has become a tradition and over thousand of students become a true Aggie every year.

To become a ''TRUE AGGIE" you have to be kiss by a student who is already a true Aggie, or you can kiss anyone you like but it has to be at homecoming week or A-day.

I became a true Aggie with my boyfriend about a year ago, we have been dating for three years and recently got engaged!

Also lots of students alumni come back after college to become true Aggie with their spouse, we have old couples that come back to re-live the moment, and sometimes we have proposals too!

 Make sure that when you come to campus! you join us an become a TRUE AGGIE! 

Ambassador Program

Hello! I'm back!

So as you all probably already know, I'm an ambassador for Utah State University. Okey so now you probably are wondering, what do you do as an ambassador? Well, Since I'm an international ambassador, I  get to write in this beautiful blog every week. I give tours for people who come to our school and want to learn more about it. I also do high-school and college visits, this is usually where we come to you so we can answer all your questions. I also go to open houses which is an opportunity for students that are interested in Utah State University to experience and learn more about us. I have to go to meetings, and also to a leadership class. I also have office Hours which is what I'm doing right now! BUT BEING AN AMBASSADOR IS NOT ONLY ABOUT WORK, WE ALSO HAVE FUN.

I love that we get to go and do service projects, we have fun events like Halloween party, Valentines day, International Banquet, leadership bowl and others. We go to the football games together, sometimes we clean the stadium after the game and we also get to clean the spectrum after the basketball games. We are a family.  

Tuesday, October 4, 2016

Engineering activities

Being an engineering major, I am bias to say that I love the engineering department at Utah State University. Apart from the great program, there are activities all year long put together by the engineering department but anyone can join.
Last week we had a week where a former student at USU, that currently works at Google, was giving multiple talks and tips on how to get a job at Google. 
Here are some of the events that happened that week:

Also two weeks ago we had the engineering opening social. Many engineering clubs were there with booths, along with free food, drinks, and inflatables. At this event I stopped by to talk to one of the booths and ended up getting a research opportunity; now I help build drones and airplanes!!

This week the Computer Science and College of Engineering are putting together HackUState. This is where students and employers come together at Utah State University to create the future of tech in Utah. Basically, 36 hours of programming, candy, food, energy drinks, and fun!! Last year I was only going for a couple hours but ended up staying and playing with an Oculus Rift for 24 hours.