Back to the USUal!

Hey Guys!!! It is been so long since my last post. I just wanted to update you with everything that I've done so far in this new year. After my finals last semester, I tried to relax because I was still having nightmares about my biochemistry final! haha I know it sounds ridiculous, but that class was so hard that I could sleep even after I was done taking it. Anyways, for Christmas break I just went to Las Vegas to spend time with my fiancée's family since I wasn't going home. I love spending Christmas there because it is always so much fun!  Finally I got to eat home cook food, and enjoy a little bit the warmer weather.
For new years, I stayed here in Logan with my fiancée. We went to have dinner at a fancy restaurant call elements. After, we stayed in the University Inn hotel where we watched movies all night long, and waited for the ball to drop.
Now we are three weeks into the semester and I have had already taken one test, and done three laboratory report papers. This semester is in it full motion! I have two more test this week on Friday, and one the next coming week.
At least I had a little break this past Saturday when I went to the DSA opening social, where we had delicious food and we danced all night long!


Oh! by the way , it has snow so much the past couple of weeks that we even had a snow day. The first one in the past twelve years! Below, I leave some pictures for you to see!



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