Hola!!!! Happy New Year everyone!!!!! I hope everyone had a good new year... I know that in some countries they don't celebrate New Year but anyways... I hope everyone had a good Christmas Break.
During my break, I went back to Mexico and it was amazing. On the actual Christmas day, I went to Acapulco which is a beach in Mexico and I loved it. We got to eat lots of good foods and danced all night. On New Years Eve, my family and I stayed in Mexico City. My mom made dinner for us and around 11sih, we left to my dads friends house.
The only bad thing about this break, is that it was too short. I was home for like 2 weeks and I feel like I needed more. I had to leave a week earlier because I became a Resident Assistant for Blue Square (the on-campus housing where I live). So, I came back a week earlier because I had to go through training and other stuff. It was fun, but I rather be back home...

Below are some pictures of my break :)


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