I wanted to talk to you guys about my weekend! So last weekend I went to Las Vegas with my family because we were celebrating my fathers birthday :). I had a really fun time in Vegas but I did not enjoy it as much as my father, mother and brother. I got in trouble three times by the staff at the casinos because I was just sitting on the machines and they thought I was playing. I also got in trouble and yelled at by the bar tender because I could not be there but who else was going to order my mother's drinks when she doesn't speak English? 

Anyways, I did have a good time but the best part of this trip was going to the Cirque Du Soleil shows. I always heard good things about their shows and I was NOT disappointment because their shows are amazing. I watched "LOVE - The Beatles" and "Michael Jackson" :) I really really really recommend that if you take a trip to Las Vegas, then go watch those shows!

On my way back to Logan, I get a text saying that classes were canceled. I was pretty lucky because I was worried for not going to my classes and missing them, but hey... I was lucky enough to have a snow day :)


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