Back to school !

Hi everyone, it's been a while since I posted blog. School was on winter break and we finally got to take some break from assignments and tests. Comparing to summer break, winter break is super short but it is enough time to take some break. For myself, I went over to New York for a week and spent rest of the vacation back in my country, Korea. New York was really fun and less cold than what I expected. A week was enough time for me to enjoy. Had a lot of good food and got to see all the sightseeing. Brooklyn Bridge, Statue of Liberty, Empire State Building and all those good stuffs. After that, I went back to Korea and spent Christmas and New Years. I got to see all of my family and friends. It was really exciting, relaxing and nice throughout the 2weeks.
After all these comes the school again, but it is all good in Logan. So excited about things that I will get to experience this year and all the fantastic snow sports here in Logan. Starting off with good vibes, hope a fabulous semester!


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