Chinese New Year

Happy Lunar New Year!!! Here at USU we celebrate the Lunar Year with a big, nice celebration that the students put up. I attended the event with a couple of my friends and I had so much fun!!! There was performances such as dancing, singing and monologues that I really didn't understand because they were in Chinese and I was unsure what was going on but I enjoyed all of the performances very much.
Every once in a while the MC's would give away gift cards to the people that had the winning ticket. Usually whenever I attend events like this I never win anything but that changed. During the even while the MCs were giving away the gift cards, they said my ticket number and I COULD NOT BELIEVE IT WAS ME WHO ACTUALLY WON SOMETHING!!!
There was a couple of ambassadors that were at the event and when they said my ticket and I stood up they saw me, yelled and cheered for me. It was the best moment so far.
On my last blog, I mentioned that I became and RA (resident assistant) at Blue Square Apartments. A lot of my residents are from China and the majority were participating at this event, that was part of the reason that I had to go to the event.

Below are some pictures of the event.


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