Another New Experience

How are you guys doing?
This week I will talk about the new experience that I had as USU ambassador.
Last Friday, we had this event called A-DAY. It is a day where future USU students who applied to our school come over for a day and be an Aggie for a day. I had to be there around 7:30 in the morning to set things up. As people stared to come around 9, we led them to places and kind of gave directions for what to do. Later in the event, we gathered in group with students and gave a short look of the school and answered some questions that they had. I thought it was a really meaningful time because I actually got to give advices and experiences. They were also divided into groups that were similar majors as we were, so there were more to talk with them. I really had a lot of fun.
Even  though it started early in the morning and tiring, it was one of the best experience. Answering and giving out information was a lot of fun for me.


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