Monday, March 20, 2017


Hello Familia!!

 A few weeks ago the Dominican Student Association had their annual dance party. Of course I had to tell you guys all about it, in the first place because I'm Dominican, I'm part of the committee,  and it was an amazing event. This year was one of our biggest event ever because it was possibly the last one since most of the Dominicans on campus are graduating. As if right now we are still looking forward to keep doing it in the future, but we wont know until next years come, and may be more Dominicans arrive to campus.
For this years event the topic was Fauna and flora. We focus the event to educate people on the beauty of the engendered animals and plants back in the Dominican Republic. We also took the moment to explain how animals are often used in our language to describe certain types of people in our country. As an example a tiger "tigere" is a person who is often younger than the person saying it, energetic, immature, vicious, with dynamic persona, most often a bad boy with lots of swag. In the other hand  pigeon "palomo" is a person who is most often scared of everything, someone that is soft, most often used to describe males that can't get any girls ever.
There were different performances through the night. I participated in most of them because I love singing and dancing so why not, also it is my last year at USU, and I wanted to be part of everything we did this year. A little moment was also take to commemorate our dear friend Frank Marino De Leon who passed away last semester. He will forever be miss and remembered. Two awards in his honor were given to a professor and a staff from the school for their support to the Dominican community through the years.
There was also Delicious Dominican food as always. We had Dominican chicken, with "moro" a type of Dominican rice with beans, salad, and "flan" the most delicious Dominican desert.
To finish the night, we had a dance party after the show where everyone danced to the tune of Dominican music all night long.

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