Tuesday, March 14, 2017

skiing in Utah

How are you all doing?
 It is almost getting to half of the semester with a lot of things went on. So much school activities and lots of tests. So to get rid of those stress, I decided to go skiing with my friends. Utah is definately the best place to ski and there are so many places to go skiing around school.
Cherry Peak takes only around 15-20 minute drive and other places like Beaver Mountain takes 25-30 minutes drive. It is no burden of time to go and actually really cheaep to borrow skies from school. It only costs around $13-15 to borrow a ski set. The place that I decide to go this time was Beaver Mountain. The day was with really clear sky and moderate weather. The snow was incredible and I had so much fun. It was bit cold at the top of the mountain but still, so much fun to ride down. I believe that it is one of the best opportunities that students living in Utah can get. Never gone ski this much in my life and never knew I loved it so much. You will get to experience all these once you are in Utah State University.

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