Monday, April 10, 2017

International Banquet and Fiesta Las America

Hello Everyone,

A week ago now we had two of our most awaited events on campus! The International Banquet hosted by the International Student Council (ISC), and Fiesta Las Americas by the Latino Student Union (LSU).

Friday night, I went to the international banquet where I had the pleasure to sit with some of my ambassador friends, and enjoy the show from the front row. The night was diverse and full of people from around the world. There were many performances each one of them honoring a different culture. Within the performances we had Indian, Palestinian, Dominican, and Asian dances through the night, and we had a drama about a Saudi wedding where they showed the many dances perform in different weddings. After we had delicious food including pitta bread with hummus, lemon herb chicken, with curry rice, salad, and for desert "tres leches".  The night ended with a memorial to our dearest friend Frank Marino De Leon Compres, and a beautiful dance put together by the ISC. The night did not end here, there was an after party were everyone dance until the light were all out.

Saturday night, I got ready for round two! It was Fiesta Las Americas. I had the pleasure to sit with my sisters from Theta Nu Xi Sorority Inc. The show was amazing, they brought the Mexican Folkloric Dancer who presented to us all the dances from around Mexico. Others performances were also seen through the night, For food we had amazing food as well as desert, and of course it did not end here! there was a Dance party after were we got to dance Latin music all night.  Trough the night we got a very important announcement that the club would be changing their name to LatinX instead of Latino in support to equality of gender in Latin culture. 


 Go Aggies!

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