Thursday, April 20, 2017

School Life

HI ! How are you guys doing?

Today I will look back at this semester and talk about how it was.
It is mid-April now and semester is getting to the end, most of classes remaining only the final.
Looking back at how this semester was, I believe it was rather a relaxing compared to other ones I had before. I actually had more time by myself and could go over personal things a lot.
For academic standpoint, as I got farther into degree, I took more major classes than I had before. The study was harder than before, but as I could learn more advanced portion of my degree, felt more professional (?) of what I study.

Academically, I felt things a lot different from college and high school. At high school, I could not really specifically study things that I had interest in ( Airplanes ). But as I came up to college I could focus majorly on the study of aircrafts, which made it a lot more fun for me. The study is definitely harder but as we are into things that we want, it made my study much more interesting.

One thing that I regret about this semester is that I could not get involved a lot like I used to before. Focusing on my academics and myself more, I could not do things that gets me involved in school life more. So, for next semester, I am thinking of pouring more time one getting involved on school!!

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