Friday, March 31, 2017

International Banquet 2k17!!!

Today is International Banquet, one of the biggest international event on campus. Last year we had over 350 tickets sold!!! Basically the International Banquet is where all the international clubs and many international students come together to show our culture to others. From 7pm to 9pm, people can enjoy an international inspired three course meal while watching performances by our amazing international students. Anyone can come, so it is a very diverse, music and food filled night.
Here is a video of some of the international students rehearsing this morning:


Link to the event on Facebook:

Tuesday, March 28, 2017

Another New Experience

How are you guys doing?
This week I will talk about the new experience that I had as USU ambassador.
Last Friday, we had this event called A-DAY. It is a day where future USU students who applied to our school come over for a day and be an Aggie for a day. I had to be there around 7:30 in the morning to set things up. As people stared to come around 9, we led them to places and kind of gave directions for what to do. Later in the event, we gathered in group with students and gave a short look of the school and answered some questions that they had. I thought it was a really meaningful time because I actually got to give advices and experiences. They were also divided into groups that were similar majors as we were, so there were more to talk with them. I really had a lot of fun.
Even  though it started early in the morning and tiring, it was one of the best experience. Answering and giving out information was a lot of fun for me.

Monday, March 27, 2017

My weekend


I decided to blog earlier because usually I do it every Friday. I hope everyone had a good weekend and a good start of the week.
My weekend was pretty fun. I spent my weekend going to the movies with my friends, going to a tennis match and cooked good, Mexican food.
I always wanted to go see the men's tennis team play but I've always been to busy to do so. This weekend I was free and I decided to go with some friends to support the aggie family.
I became friends with someone from the tennis team. His name is Samuel and he is from Colombia. He won the match and everyone was cheering so loud for him. After a long, fun, weekend I went to my friends house in Smithfield and my friends and I cooked some yummy food from Saudi Arabia and Mexico.

Friday, March 24, 2017

Places to eat in Logan

Food enthusiast aka bottomless pit here. Let's talk about one of the best things in life, Food! After some research I have narrowed it down the best and most unique places to eat in Logan. Here is a list:

  • Tandoori Oven, cheap Indian food cooked by Indians in a little nook of a gas station
  • Herm's Inn: Hip place, with cool art, and huge pancakes. Breakfast all day, every day
  • Le Nonne: Fancy Italian cuisine at a "Logan price." Nice place for a date, hint!! Picture of my favorite dish, crab ravioli.

  • Morty's: Best hamburger and fries and desert and fry sauce in the Valley!!
  • Mo' Bettah: A LOT of Hawaiian food and teriyaki sauce!! 


Today, March 24th, 2017, is A-day!! A-Day is a day where students get to be experience life as a college student. They get to meet with their advisors, explore their college and meet students from USU. This is my first time doing this and I love it. This is my first time doing this and I love it. I think this is a good idea because that way students that are still unsure about coming to USU can see how awesome our school is and decide to commit to USU.
I did not stay for the whole day because I had an exam and other things to do but I had the chance to help out and guide students to their groups and they all seem excited about USU.

Monday, March 20, 2017


Hello Familia!!

 A few weeks ago the Dominican Student Association had their annual dance party. Of course I had to tell you guys all about it, in the first place because I'm Dominican, I'm part of the committee,  and it was an amazing event. This year was one of our biggest event ever because it was possibly the last one since most of the Dominicans on campus are graduating. As if right now we are still looking forward to keep doing it in the future, but we wont know until next years come, and may be more Dominicans arrive to campus.
For this years event the topic was Fauna and flora. We focus the event to educate people on the beauty of the engendered animals and plants back in the Dominican Republic. We also took the moment to explain how animals are often used in our language to describe certain types of people in our country. As an example a tiger "tigere" is a person who is often younger than the person saying it, energetic, immature, vicious, with dynamic persona, most often a bad boy with lots of swag. In the other hand  pigeon "palomo" is a person who is most often scared of everything, someone that is soft, most often used to describe males that can't get any girls ever.
There were different performances through the night. I participated in most of them because I love singing and dancing so why not, also it is my last year at USU, and I wanted to be part of everything we did this year. A little moment was also take to commemorate our dear friend Frank Marino De Leon who passed away last semester. He will forever be miss and remembered. Two awards in his honor were given to a professor and a staff from the school for their support to the Dominican community through the years.
There was also Delicious Dominican food as always. We had Dominican chicken, with "moro" a type of Dominican rice with beans, salad, and "flan" the most delicious Dominican desert.
To finish the night, we had a dance party after the show where everyone danced to the tune of Dominican music all night long.

Tuesday, March 14, 2017

Spring Break

  Hello everyone. It had already been half way through the semester and it is time that school gives out Spring Break!! to students. I feel so good because it is a rest from all the hard works during school times. It is around a week this time and I decided to go back to my country Korea and spend some time there. I know it is kind of short to fly 14 hours for a week, but I believed that it will worth it. My basic plan for it is to meet family, not go out so much and take some rest from home. Almost all of my friends are servicing their time in the military, so I cannot meet a lot of them. I am really looking forward to it.
  Many of my friends at USU are planning to go camping, climbing in the wild. There are a lot of camping sites and natural rock climbing places that students really love to enjoy. I wanted to try, but myself is not really a climbing person, so I gave up. There are so many different places that you can enjoy around Utah, so I am looking forward to hearing diverse experiences from friends. I am kind of worried about getting back to school after it, but I believe I will have the best time in there!! Happy Spring Break !!

skiing in Utah

How are you all doing?
 It is almost getting to half of the semester with a lot of things went on. So much school activities and lots of tests. So to get rid of those stress, I decided to go skiing with my friends. Utah is definately the best place to ski and there are so many places to go skiing around school.
Cherry Peak takes only around 15-20 minute drive and other places like Beaver Mountain takes 25-30 minutes drive. It is no burden of time to go and actually really cheaep to borrow skies from school. It only costs around $13-15 to borrow a ski set. The place that I decide to go this time was Beaver Mountain. The day was with really clear sky and moderate weather. The snow was incredible and I had so much fun. It was bit cold at the top of the mountain but still, so much fun to ride down. I believe that it is one of the best opportunities that students living in Utah can get. Never gone ski this much in my life and never knew I loved it so much. You will get to experience all these once you are in Utah State University.

Sunday, March 12, 2017


Spring break has come to an end and I am really upset :(
I thought that I was not going anywhere for spring break but at the last minute my friends and I decided to travel and we decided to go to SAN FRANCISCO!
I fell in love with SF! I love the weather, the city, the people, food, literally everything. Although I was only there for four days I was able to go to every famous tourist place and truly enjoyed the city. I was quite surprised because I thought SF was going to be warm, sunny and nice but it was the opposite. It was quite windy and cold, but I still loved it :)

Friday, March 3, 2017

USUSA Elections

Here at USU we elect officers every year to represent us, the students, and are also are responsible for all the major events on campus. . The new officers for the next year were just elected. And for the first time ever we had internationals students run for some positions. Three international students ran this year and one of them was elected. 

These are this year's candidates: 

If you want to know more about USUSA, this link: has everything you need to know about USUSA. GO AGGIES!